OpenGP  1.1
Open Geometry Processing Library
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OpenGP::SurfaceMesh::Edge Struct Reference

#include <SurfaceMesh.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Edge (int _idx=-1)
 default constructor (with invalid index)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenGP::SurfaceMesh::Base_handle
 Base_handle (int _idx=-1)
int idx () const
 Get the underlying index of this handle.
void reset ()
 reset handle to be invalid (index=-1)
bool is_valid () const
 return whether the handle is valid, i.e., the index is not equal to -1.
bool operator== (const Base_handle &_rhs) const
 are two handles equal?
bool operator!= (const Base_handle &_rhs) const
 are two handles different?
bool operator< (const Base_handle &_rhs) const
 compare operator useful for sorting handles

Detailed Description

this type represents an edge (internally it is basically an index)

See also
Vertex, Halfedge, Face

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