OpenGP  1.1
Open Geometry Processing Library
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OpenGP::TrackballWindow Class Reference

#include <TrackballWindow.h>

Inherits OpenGP::GlfwWindow.

Public Member Functions

HEADERONLY_INLINE void mouse_press_callback (int button, int action, int mods) override
 < for double-click More...
HEADERONLY_INLINE void scroll_callback (double, double y_offset) override
HEADERONLY_INLINE bool key_callback (int key, int scancode, int action, int mods) override

Public Attributes

Scalar scroll_multiplier = .25
 simple parameters (modify at own risk)

Detailed Description

A-la MeshLab like window with trackball controller.

Mouse controls:

Keyboard controls:

Member Function Documentation

bool OpenGP::TrackballWindow::key_callback ( int  key,
int  scancode,
int  action,
int  mods 

Reset the camera TODO: check meshlab bindings

void OpenGP::TrackballWindow::mouse_press_callback ( int  button,
int  action,
int  mods 

< for double-click

Fetch the depth by querying the OpenGL depth buffer

If we clicked on something visible focus the trackball (center it) on the current point

void OpenGP::TrackballWindow::scroll_callback ( double  ,
double  y_offset 

BUG: when button is pressed y_offset just gives 0!

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