OpenGP  1.1
Open Geometry Processing Library
Reference Manual
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 Carray_or_vector_selector<-1, T >
 CAABBSearcherAcceleration data structure for closest point computation on a triangular mesh
 CSurfaceMeshA halfedge data structure for polygonal meshes
 CSurfaceMeshAlgorithmProvides shortened access to all names of Suface_mesh;
 CTargaVec3bA pixel is represented as a 3-channel [0,256] tuple
 CMLogger(c) Andrea Tagliasacchi
 CNullStreamThis class allows to discard stream output, similarly to sending output to "/dev/null" while remaining portable. See apps/isoremesh for example usage
 CQGLMeshLabViewerSpecialization of QGLViewer for OpenGL4 with actions that have been modified to make its default behavior match the one of MeshLab (i.e. double click to center scene, no spinning)
 COpenGL4FormatFormat class to enable OpenGL4 core profile
 CTicTocTimerObjectHelper class for TICTOC_SCOPE and TICTOC_BLOCK